During Covid-19's time, as recommended I avoid contact with other people. But I still take pictures.

For several years, in addition to documentary and street photography, I also deal with abstract photography (made in my studio). But these were two separate paths in my photography. Currently, I am able to combine these two types of photography. In the real world around me, I look for forms that seem abstract. And rely on associations. The imagination is such a powerful tool that, when I go out for a walk alone, the walls are talking to me. A seemingly pointless set of stains on the wall or scratches on a fence can create a portrait of something (not someone) that evokes emotions. IT portrait. I don’t know if it’s a woman, a man or a child. Whether IT is smiling or angry. Whether IT is surprised or distorted. Maybe over time I will start to see the resemblance to specific people … The project will likely continue until the end of the pandemic, until we can go back photographing people up close.